Bonnie Tyler Will Perform "Total Eclipse of the Heart" During The Eclipse Onboard a Cruise Ship

August 17, 2017

© Guilherme Gomes De Mesquita | Dreamstime & © Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime

The stars are truly aligning for this cosmic event.

Yes, Bonnie Tyler will be performing her 1983 hit song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during Monday's eclipse... onboard a cruise ship.

Tyler's performance will happen out in the Caribbean Sea on board Royal Caribbean's "Total Eclipse Cruise." The cruise line will position their ship the Oasis of the Seas in the "path of totality" on Monday. 

Tyler will be joining previously announced performers DNCE ("Cake By the Ocean") on the cruise ship, which has a maximum capacity of more than 6,000 passengers. Do you see what they did there? A group known for a song about an ocean and a performer known for a song about an eclipse? Yeah, it took us a minute to see the irony too, but now we love it. 

This is all just too perfect, right? Bonnie Tyler singing the iconic song as the sun and moon align for the North America's first total eclipse since 1976.

If you want to witness this moment, you better pack your bags. You'll also need to get your credit card ready. The Oasis of the Seas "Total Eclipse Cruise" leaves on Sunday (August 20) from Port Canaveral. A last minute fare would set you back about $3,500 to witness this moment in music history.