Charlie Puth Releases "Change," Featuring James Taylor

Puth dedicated the song to the students of Parkland, Florida.

March 27, 2018

USA Today

Charlie Puth's new song, "Change," not only has powerful message, but the track also features a special collaborator, James Taylor.

"Change," which dropped yesterday (March 26), blends the styles that we've come to love from both musicians. It has a bit of a James Taylor-like folksy, soft sound to it, and of course, Charlie's powerful vocals. 

Puth says the song is the "most important song" he has ever written. 

“It’s about everybody, as humans we all help each other and that song came about through collaboration,” he said during an Instagram live chat this week.

The opening verse from Puth has a universal message: "Why are we looking down / On our sisters and brothers? / Isn't love, all that we got?"

Charlie and James come together for the song's powerful chorus that asks a simple question: "Why can't we just get along? / If loving one another's wrong / Then how are we supposed to / Get close to each other?"

"This song is dedicated to all of the Parkland students, any lives lost to senseless gun violence, and the world," Puth wrote on Twitter this weekend (March 25).

"Change" is the latest single from Puth's upcoming album, Voicenotes. We've already heard "Attention" and "How Long" from the album. Plus, his collaboration with Boyz II Men on the hip-hop song, "Done For Me." 

Voicenotes is scheduled to drop on May 11. 

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