Daniel Craig Will Return as 007 in Upcoming James Bond Film

August 16, 2017

Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

Yes, Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as 007 in the 25th film in the James Bond series. 

The 49-year-old actor finally revealed he will return to the series in an interview with Stephen Colbert on CBS' Late Show last night (August 15). Up until this point, it wasn't clear if Craig would actually return to the series or not. He expressed a real distaste with the idea of reprising the role as the British secret agent in a 2015 interview

Craig has played 007 in the four most recent Bond films.  In fact, earlier in the day on Tuesday he didn't reveal if he'd return to the role or not when he was interviwed by other media outlets. We guess he was just saving the big announcement for The Late Show

Craig says things are still being worked out (in regards to filming, etc.), but it will all happen. The next Bond release is due out in November 2019.

The English actor did, however, acknowledge that the upcoming film would likely be his last time appearing as the iconic character. He told Colbert that he wants to go out on a "high note."