David Letterman to Host a New Talk Show

August 8, 2017

USA Today

Beloved late night TV star David Letterman is returning to TV, but this time it's on Netflix

In a day in age where late night TV programs have become more of a variety show, it's hard to remember how great Letterman's interviews truly were. Letterman,  of course, was the KING of television interviews in the '90s. Stars WANTED to share their stories with David. 

We don't know much about the show at this point, but we're just excited to see the former late night king returning to host a talk show.

The new show, which is slated to premiere in 2018, is currently untitled. Netflix, however, has signed on for 6 hour-long episodes. 

Letterman will conduct long-form conversations with a single guest (outside of a studio). 

Letterman, now 70, retired from CBS' Late Show in May 2015. He had a combined late night run of 33 years between NBC and CBS. 

David Letterman without being restricted by network TV... sounds SO good right now. We're excited!