Did Taylor Swift Use UPS to Deliver a Hint About Her Next Single?

October 2, 2017

Anthony Behar, USA Today

Taylor Swift fans are smart. Taylor Swift is smart. Taylor Swift’s branding is always genius. SO… Swifites pay EXTRA close attention to ANYTHING the artist does. We’re always looking to see: could that be a big hint about a future project? Could Taylor be dropping a secret hint?

Well, this week’s latest fan theory suggests that Taylor’s new single was just delivered to us in an UPS video. Wait, really?

Fact: Taylor and UPS have teamed up for a promotional campaign.  The shipping giant launched the promotion with a video showing fans reactions to Taylor Swift’s photo appearing on big brown truck.

Speculation: Some astute Swifties say you should pay extra close attention to the background music in this video:

Is that… Taylor’s new song sped up?

Of course, Taylor Swift’s fans didn’t stop at just asking the questions.

They got answers. So some fans took the track, and tried to slow it down. That’s A LOT of effort for something that could just be a TOTALLY crazy fan theory. Of course, that didn’t stop us from listening to this clip:

We have NO idea if Tay Tay is about to release “Rip Off The Page,” but we have definitely had fun watching this unfold on Twitter.