Drake's Dad Releases a 'Smooth' Music Video for 'Kinda Crazy' & We Love It

August 3, 2017

USA Today

Drake's Dad, Dennis Graham, just dropped a music video, and the internet is totally digging it. 

The video for the track "Kinda Crazy" was released this week, and it has such an awesome '90s vibe to it. It's also a super sexy track, right?

Yeah, we have to admit we totally kind of like it. Check it out for yourself:

Graham had actually teased the release of a music video for a like a year, and some fans say this was worth the wait. In fact, we're totally obssesed with some of the tweets that fans have sent about the track:

The video has more than 200,000 views just a few days after its release. 

What do you think? Do you like it?