Ed Sheeran Appeared on Game of Thrones & The Internet Went Wild

July 17, 2017


We knew that Ed Sheeran would be appearing on camera at some point during this season of HBO's Game of Thrones. However, we did not exactly expect to see him in the season premiere. Viewers, of course, were blown away by his appearance on the hit show:

It's only Monday morning, and we know that the show airs pretty late on a Sunday. So it's possible you haven't watched it yet. So we won't give too much away here, but if you are planning on watching the show tonight, you may want to look away for now.

During his appearance on GOT, Ed led a singalong with a group in the Riverlands. Arya Stark (played by huge Sheeran fan Maisie Williams) told Ed that it was a "pretty song." 

Of course, Ed totally geeked out last night as he watched the episode. He shared photos and videos on his Instagram account as he watched the episode last night:

First time @itsbennyblanco has seen an episode, here's his review

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Throwback to the time I was a Lannister

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BONUS VIDEO: We caught up with Ed earlier this month to ask him about his favorite foods, dream collaboration, and more. Check out our exclusive video: