Ed Sheeran Kisses Kittens, Dances in the Snow & Makes Us Cry With 'Perfect' Music Video

November 9, 2017

USA Today

Can we tell you a secret? We "ugly cried" this morning because of Ed Sheeran.

Seriously, Ed Sheeran made people in our office cry this morning. 

He just released the video for his new song, “Perfect." We DARE you to watch this video without getting a little misty-eyed as you watch:

Did you see what he wrote in the pizza box? What an ADORABLE way to tell someone you’ve wrote a song for them. Plus, there’s pizza! Oh, and have you ever had someone play the guitar just for you? How MAGICAL was that moment?

There’s something incredible about watching that whole scene unfold. Maybe we’re just feeling it after watching them dance in the snow? Oh, and that kitten…. Look at how that girl looks at Ed! We're OBSESSED.

Ed Sheeran, if you’ve given us real relationship goals. Plus, have we mentioned that this song is the PERFECT wedding song?!

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