Ed Sheeran Shares Intimate Details About His Private Battle With Substance Abuse

October 20, 2017

Ron Elkman, USA Today

Ed Sheeran just opened up and shared intimate details about his battle with substance abuse.

The 26-year-old “Shape of You” singer shared the revelations on a British talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show.

Ed admitted on the appearance (which will air on Saturday) that he didn’t adust to fame too well. He says that he quickly found himself slipping into “all of the pitfalls” that people “read about… mostly, like, substance abuse.”

Ed says that his year-long hiatus before releasing his Divide album in March helped him clear his head. He said he knew that he couldn’t write songs or perform under the influence.

The good news? It sounds like Sheeran has found a great balance between enjoying his fame and staying balanced as a 20-something superstar.

In fact, it sounds like a lot of that credit is owed to his girlfriend. Cherry Seaborn. Sheeran said she helped him “break the bad habits.” It sounds like she helps keep him grounded, despite his fame.