EXCLUSIVE: BTS Answers Questions Sent In From Their Biggest Fans

You asked, BTS answered!

June 6, 2018

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

We're all about bringing your favorite artists to you. In fact, it's our favorite part of the job. So, we were pretty excited to be able to ask questions to the biggest K-pop group in the world on behalf of their biggest fans -- YOU!

The final featured question was submitted by our friend Sassy in Chattanooga. Sassy's dedication to BTS is so strong that she's actually been studying Korean at the Chattanooga School of Language in the hopes that she'll be able to meet the group soon. So when Sassy's teacher joined her on camera, we HAD to show the video to the guys:

As you may recall, we collected YOUR questions for the group a few weeks ago. Of course, the ARMY showed up in FULL force by submitting questions on our website and on social media, using the hashtag #RadioAMAwithBTS. We then took those questions backstage to the Billboard Music Awards

One of those questions came from BTS fan Tracie, who asked the group which qualities they look for in a potential date. RM and Jimin both had answers for Tracie:

Meanwhile, Natalie in Oregon asked about the ARMY fan base:

We also brought a question from Claire with us, who asked about the group's time spent in America. 

Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted questions for our AMA with BTS!