EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Mendes' Gym Playlist Will Shock You!

March 28, 2018

USA Today

Fans (like us) are obsessed with Shawn Mendes' trips to the gym. In fact, whenever he posts a workout photo, it instantly goes viral. We get it. We totally wish that we had those abs too

So there must be some intense music playlist that accompanies Shawn's trips to the gym, right? Well, we were surprised to hear one of the more "natural" tracks that Mendes listens to when working out.

Okay, we get it now! We're building our gym playlist based on those suggestions right now.

Shawn, of course, is having quite a week. The 19-year-old super star just released a new single titled "In My Blood," and we're already obsessed it. You can check out the hit single by clicking here.

It was immediately followed up with the release of another track from his upcoming album, titled "Lost in Japan." We don't know much about Mendes' upcoming sophomore album, but it is expected to drop later this year. 

In the meantime, are you thirsty for more from Shawn? We got you covered! Be sure to check back in with us later this week as we'll have plenty more from our EXCLUSIVE interview with super star, including details on how he STALKED John Mayer.