James Bay Drops New Single, "Pink Lemonade" & Announces Album Details

March 8, 2018

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James Bay released a catchy, new single on Wednesday (March 7) that has left our mouths watering for some lemonade. 

The release, which is titled "Pink Lemonade," of course, has a real rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it. It is the follow-up to last month's hit song, "Wild Love." James also revealed that his sophomore album, titled Electric Light, will drop on May 18. 

Lyrically speaking, "Pink Lemonade" seems to be about a tough patch in a relationship:

"Do you wanna talk / Do you wanna talk it through / Swear I ain't got anything on my mind / I don't wanna talk to you," Bay sings for the song's chorus. 

So while this week's release seems to be about the end of a relationship, Bay's previous single "Wild Love" is about falling "madly and deeply" for somebody. He dished about that in this EXCLUSIVE video:

Of course, we wanted to get personal with James too. You know... we wanted to know things like how he would survive a zombie apocalypse? He tells us here:

Both "Wild Love" and "Pink Lemonade" will be available on Electric Light.