Justin Bieber Spotted Leaving Selena Gomez's House

The pair have reportedly seen each other a few times since Selena's health scare

October 25, 2017


After a series of public jabs on Twitter and in their music, we never expected to report that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were hanging out again. Yet, here we are. Multiple publications (from TMZ to E! Online and US Weekly) are reporting that the famous exes are once again on good terms. 

Justin spent time at Selena’s house this weekend, and it was not the first time they have seen each other in recent weeks, according to multiple publications.

The two were an item (on and off) from 2011 through 2014. Since then they've had their share of public spats. 

US Weekly reports that the pair got back in touch after Selena’s recent illness. Gomez, 25, had a kidney transplant at some point this summer. US Weekly says that Selena was trying to make peace with Justin after the illness, and their sources say that Justin has been great to her.

For those hoping that this couple will get back together, it sounds like that is NOT happening. The pair remain “just friends," according to all accounts.

We were, however, a little surprised to hear how cool Selena’s new boyfriend, The Weeknd, is cool with all of this.

“Once the Weeknd gets back from touring, you will likely see them all out,” one source even told E! Online.