Justin Timberlake Finally Explains Where 'Sexy' Was When He Brought It Back

November 30, 2017

Anthony Behar, USA Today

It's a question that has plagued us for years: where had sexy gone when Justin Timberlake decided to bring it back in 2006?

You know it's a question that is totally on the level of those high level questions we often ask... like: "what is the meaning to life?"

It's been more than 11 years since we've wondered, but we finally have an answer. Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked JT about the smash hit song SexyBack last night: 

As the pair snuggled up on a blanket, Justin explained that "Sexy" was actually the name of his neighbor's rabbit, and he was pet sitting while his neighbors were away.

"They were worried that I wouldn't return the rabbit," he explains. "So I wanted to assure them - via song - that I was indeed bringing sexy back."

Ahh, we get it now. Hey, Justin, we have a follow-up question, however:

If the song is actually about a rabbit, why does the song's music video feature you and a woman instead of a rabbit?