K-Pop Group BTS Will Appear on Jimmy Kimmel & Ellen DeGeneres' TV Shows

November 9, 2017

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BTS will be taking over American television screens (on multiple occasions) later this month.

It was previously announced that the K-pop super stars would be making their first live performance at a televised American awards show during this year’s American Music Awards on November 19.

Well, now we know that they will also be making their daytime television AND their late night television debuts later this month as well:

In fact, the group’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! will take place next week.That performance will be recorded at the show’s outdoor stage on November 15 (that’s Wednesday).

Planning on racing to Los Angeles to see the guys? Don't bother. The show’s ticketing website has apparently already run of tickets.

By the way, we’re not TOTALLY sure when that performance will air on ABC, but it is likely that it should air on Kimmel’s show next week as a promotion for the American Music Awards (which will also will air on ABC). 

They’ll stay in Los Angeles to perform their smash hit song “DNA” during that awards show on Sunday, November 19, but the fun won't stop there. Just a few days later (November 21) they will record a performance for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. You’ll have to wait a little bit to see that performance, however, as it won’t air on television until November 27, according to Billboard.

So we’re wondering: do you like their song "DNA"? Take our poll to let us know:

BTS’ leader RM (Rap Monster) is apparently telling the media that he is a little scared to appear on these American talk shows, but he (and the guys) are SUPER excited.