Katy Perry Says She's Ready to End Feud With Taylor Swift

June 12, 2017


Katy Perry says she is ready to let go of her longstanding feud with Taylor Swift.

It was just last month when Perry finally confirmed the story behind her feud with Taylor Swift. Katy told James Corden that it all started when her backup dancers left Taylor's tour a few years ago.

Perry's album (Witness) dropped on Friday (June 9). OK. That's cool, but questions rose after Taylor surprised fans by making her previously-released music more readily available on the very same day. Was that ANOTHER shot fired in their long feud? 

Well, the "Swish Swish" singer says that she has forgiven the "Bad Blood" singer, and Katy even apologizes for anything she did to hurt Taylor. The apology came in a podcast interview with Ariana Huffington this weekend

Katy suggested the pair come together in a place of forgiveness, understanding, and compassion. She also said she "loves" Taylor, and wished her all of the best.