'Kevin Can Wait' Will Kill Off Erinn Hayes' Character

We now know how the show's producers will deal with the casting change

August 2, 2017

USA Today

The hit CBS show Kevin Can Wait will "kill off" one of the show's stars at the start of the upcoming season. 

Earlier this summer, we learned that Erinn Hayes was let go from the show. Executives decided to go "in a different direction" by making Leah Remini a series regular. Leah Remini and Kevin James co-starred on King of Queens for 9 seasons. 

Erinn Hayes played Donna on the show. Donna was the wife of Kevin James' character, newly-retired police officer, Kevin Gable.

At the end of season 1, Donna had quit her job, but there was no indication in the plot that the series would head in such a drastically different direction.

Well, now we know that when season 2 opens, Donna will have "passed away." The news was revealed by a CBS executive at a press event this week. There will also be a time jump in the series. CBS' Tom Sherman says the show will move forward to be "catching up at a later date."

Donna's death, of course, should make room for Leah Remini's character to have an expanded role in the series. Remini appeared on the show as a "rival cop" of Kevin James' character last season.