LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Releases Two New Songs

September 7, 2017

USA Today

Kelly Clarkson is back! The American Idol queen dropped two new singles to help make this the best Thursday ever. 

Clarkson dropped the song and music video for "Love So Soft." The track is an upbeat love song, and it has an awesome soul-pop vibe to it.

Isn't it nice to hear Kelly singing about love? Though, of course, we love her anthemic songs about love gone wrong too. This girl can do nothing wrong. Plus the video is incredible. Did Kelly's vocals just blow up a house? Go Kelly!

Oh, yeah, Kelly wasn't done there. The 35-year-old super star released the audio for a powerful love ballad, "Move You," on Thursday. 

Both of today's tracks will appear on Clarkson's upcoming album, Meaning of Life. The release, which is the super star's eighth studio album, will drop on October 27.

Kelly recently told Entertainment Weekly that that the album is a grown woman's record. She told the publication that she couldn't have made an album like this at the age of 20 becuase it is the kind of album you can only make when you have "lived." Well, if these tracks are any idication, we love the life that Kelly has lived for the upcoming album. 

The super star will perform these songs live on the Today Show tomorrow (September 8).