LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Talks About Her Favorite Tracks to Perform on Stage

Plus, the super star dishes on which Christmas track is her favorite to perform

December 20, 2017

USA Today

Pop super star Kelly Clarkson has released eight albums, all of which have peaked in the top three on the music charts. So it is safe to assume that with such an impressive catalog of music that the inaugural American Idol winner must have a few favorites.

Kelly recently caught up with us for an EXCLUSIVE interview, so we asked her about her favorite songs to perform live.

"I still enjoy singing 'Miss Independent' and 'Since U Been Gone,' like all my songs," Clarkson revealed. "I'm not that artist that gets sick of signing any of them." Listen to the interview here:

Kelly also told us about how much fun she has with "Whole Lotta Woman" from her latest album, Meaning of Life.

"It's not just even about like the weight jokes. I never want to combat hate with hate," Clarkson said. "I usually use comedy, so that was kind of the fun sassy part (of the song)."

Kelly also explains how the anthemic song is reflection of her own relationships. Kelly acknowledged that her strong personality and success can be intimidating for those in her life. 

"I'm incredibly lucky that I married a total cowboy that has zero problem with it," Kelly told us in the interview above.

"Whole Lotta Woman" is one of the track's on Kelly's smash hit album, Meaning of Life. Click here to purchase the album today.