LISTEN: Meghan Trainor Drops Two New Singles

"Can't Dance" & "Let You Be Right" Will BOTH Appear on Her Upcoming Album

May 10, 2018

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Meghan Trainor is one of our ABSOLUTE favorite stars, and she just delivered two sassy songs that we're already obsessed with.

"Let You Be Right" and "Can't Dance" are the follow up releases to her hit single "No Excuses," which dropped earlier this year.

"I was going to release just one song today, but I'm too excited so I'm giving you two! LET'S DANCE," Meghan said in a release today (May 10). 

"Let You Be Right" is a highly relatable track for ANYONE who has ever been in a relationship. You know when you're just so mad at your spouse, but you're willing to let them "win a round" so you don't fight at night? ​Well, that's EXACTLY what this sassy song is about.

"I don't wanna fight tonight. I'ma let you be right," Trainor chants for the song's chorus. 

You can get "Let You Be Right" by clicking here

Meanwhile, today's other release "Can't Dance" will have you moving your hips. Meghan invites a "shy boy" to dance in the club. 

Oh, it totally gives those of us who have "two left feet" some hope, by the way. As Meghan sings, "Even if you can't dance, just hold my hips."

You can get "Can't Dance" by clicking here

We have a feeling that we'll hear A LOT more from Meghan all summer long, and we can NOT wait!

BONUS: Of course, if you listen carefully you may hear all of Meghan's family (including her parents and her fiancé Daryl Sabara) singing as backup singers on these tracks. She explains how that happened in our EXCLUSIVE video below: