LISTEN: Selena Gomez Shares Important Message for Girls Heading Back to School

August 22, 2017

USA Today

With the start of a new school year, Selena Gomez is sharing a heartfelt and powerful message to kids and teenagers everywhere.

Gomez spoke exclusively with our sister station WKSE in Buffalo, and she shared this important message with students (especially girls) who are heading back to school this year.

Here’s the full audio of Selena's powerful message to girl's who are dealing with the difficulty of facing bullies and their peers:

“When I find that someone is being mean or aggressive or honestly just plain hurtful, I always find that there’s something that’s going on in their life,” Gomez says.

Gomez, who has been no stranger to hurtful comments online herself, recognizes that it can be difficult to be a teenager because what happens at school follows you home now-a-days.

“It carries with you through social media… through everything else. You’re so connected,” the 25-year-old pop star says. “I would say that I encourage people to find a way to step away from that, and that’s really hard.”

Gomez admits that it’s not easy to “turn the other cheek” when people are mean, but recognizes how important that truly is.