LIVE FOOTAGE: Puppies Playing in Honor of National Puppy Day

March 23, 2018

© Ginger Sanders |

National Puppy Day can be a tough holiday to celebrate if you are stuck at work. In fact, National Puppy Day SHOULD be a paid holiday from work, right?

Well, we hated not being able to celebrate with our beloved four-legged friends today. So we’re helping you to fill that void.

Yes, we present to you a live stream of puppies playing:

We've been watching this stream for a while, and there's something super calming about watching these puppies play. Some of them have played with a blanket. Some of them have played with toys. Others have taken a nap. It's really just a great distraction from the stress of this Friday.

You can stream this at your desk today, but don’t blame us if the boss catches you today.