LOOK: Justin Bieber Releases First Statement on Canceled Tour Dates

August 3, 2017

USA Today

Justin Bieber just spoke out canceling the remainder of The Purpose Tour for the first time since the news broke last week. 
The final 14 scheduled dates on the tour were canceled. The canceled gigs were spread out over the course of four months. The affected dates included shows in the New York City area, Hong Kong, and Singapore. At the time of the announcement, officials said the tour was canceled due to "unforeseen circumstances." 

Well, Bieber just shared his first (official) comments on the cancelation. In a statement posted to Instagram late Wednesday, the 23-year-old said that taking the time off will help him be sustainable for the rest of his career. In addition, he wants to be able to live his life as the best man he can be. He remarked a desire to be a good husband and father in the future as well.

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He talked about how past relationships and decisions have affected him. Bieber says that bitterness, jealousy and fear had "ruined his life." However, the "Sorry" singer says he is thankful to be surrounded by people who have helped him "build" his character back up recently. 

The announcement, as you can see, certainly was not grammatically correct. Bieber remarked at the end of the typed statement that it was grammatically incorrect, but "it's from the heart."