LOOK: Lady Gaga's Wax Figure Is Driving the Internet Wild

October 25, 2017

USA Today

Lady Gaga’s wax figure is making headlines. No, really, it’s NOT Lady Gaga that is making news. It’s a wax figure of the “Million Reasons” singer that has gone viral.

A wax figure that was just unveiled in Peru is supposed to depict her famous meat dress that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Twitter is apparently outraged by it. Ready to see the depiction of Mother Monster? Here it is:

We dug out a photo of Lady Gaga's dress from that night for comparision sake:
© Starstock | Dreamstime

Elle magazine said that it looks like “someone melted cheese on her face" for the wax figure. Do you agree?

Other Twitter users found it all to be super crazy too:

Oh, Twitter's fury didn't end there:

We’re not sure it’s worth being that outraged by, but hey, we hear it. It kind of doesn’t look like her… at all.