LOOK: Ryan Reynolds Helps Teen Get Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend

July 6, 2017

USA Today

Ryan Reynolds just slayed Twitter. The 40-year-old actor helped teenager, Gabi Dunn, send a message to her ex-boyfriend. 

Gabi broke up with her boyfriend just days after her prom. Rather than looking back on photos with her ex-boyfriend, Dunn decided to "edit" the photos. She replaced her ex-boyfriend's face with that of Deadpool star (and the 2010 sexiest men alive) Ryan Reynolds. 

Ryan noticed the tweet and he suggested that Gabi could take it a step further. He told the teen to swap his photo into her yearbook: 

Look at how cool Ryan is! He's one of the sexiest men alive AND he's funny? 

Naturally, Twitter took the response in some weird directions. This girl photoshopped Danny DeVito into her prom photo. #Awkward:

By the way, you may be wondering how is Gabi doing after the breakup? The 17-year-old said she is busy finding happiness in herself now, and she doesn't need a man to feel happy. 

Gabbi, you inspire most grown adults for saying that. Most days we wish we could say that we don't need another person to feel happy.