LOOK: Woman With One Arm Has Best Tinder Profile Ever

August 11, 2017

© Marcel De Grijs | Dreamstime

There are a TON of 20-year-old girls on Tinder. But for one 20-year-old from San Diego, her Tinder profile has gone insanely viral online this week.

Lauren is a 20-year-old woman from San Diego. Lauren lost her arm last year after a serious moped acccident, according to Buzzfeed. Lauren has ahd a great sense of humor as she copes with the loss of her arm. In fact, she told Buzzfeed that she even makes jokes about having one arm on social media. 

Well, it's an update to her Tinder profile that has the internet in stitches this week. She acknowledged the loss of her arm very directly throughout the updated listing. She said her profession was an "arms dealer." Plus, she said her body was a 9/10, but her arms are 1/2. 

There are tons of proposals online for Lauren's hysterical listing. We think she'll do just fine in life with her positive attitude.