Lorde Crushes Our Friendship Goals By Revealing She's Not in Taylor Swift's Squad

July 7, 2017


We'll be honest with you: we're not sure why this story is so amusing to us. But for some reason, we love finding out about celebrity friendships. So this story is too uncomfortable for us to ignore.

Lorde just revealed that she is NOT a part of Taylor Swift's squad. Tay Tay, of course, is well known for leading a group of famous girlfriend's who are often seen hanging out together. Basically, there are a LOT of "girls nights." 

We're a little upset by this, honestly. We've thought they were the best of friends since Taylor sent Lorde flowers after the 2014 American Music Awards. The two reportedly bonded over milkshakes after that, and it all sounded magical to us. 

Well, Lorde was just asked in an interview with Sunrise who she looked up to before becoming famous.

The "Royals" singer said she doesn't hang out with other pop stars too much.The interviewer responded by saying, "But you're part of Taylor's squad."

Lorde's uncomfortable response to that question made us cringe a little bit. She basically said that she doesn't hang out with her idols. 

So we think that response is basically like saying, "no, I'm not in Taylor Swift's squad."

But what about the milkshakes?! #Disappointing.