Lorde Probably Had a Secret Instagram Account Dedicated to Onion Ring Reviews

June 13, 2017

USA Today

Yes, the headline is correct. There is breaking news this afternoon that Lorde had a secret Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings at restaurants across the globe.

The shocking report came from a New Zealand news reporter who works for Newshub. The account in question was called onionringsworldwide.

So what facts here?

  • The account only had 24 followers when it was discovered. Most of the account's followers were connected to Lorde. The followers included members of her band and her friends.
  • The locations where the onion rings were coming from lined up with Lorde’s tour schedule.
  • The verbiage used on the posts seems to be Lorde's way of speaking.
  • Plus, "experts" say that the hands which can be seen in some of the photos definitely look they belong to the "Royals" singer.

By the way, the account was immediately shut down after Newshub reached out to Lorde’s management for a comment.