Love Is Real! Tom From The First Episode of Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Got Engaged!

This news cured our Tuesday blues.

March 13, 2018


America’s first true love story of 2018 may have a happy ending after all.

Tom Jackson, who starred in the first episode of the popular Queer Eye series on Netflix, says the he and his ex-wife, Abby, are engaged!

Jackson won over the hearts of viewers everywhere when the Netflix show premiered in January when he insisted that “you can’t fix ugly" (when referring to himself). The "Fab Five" helped Tom remodel his home (and life) in Georgia. In the process of the makeover, Tom gained a little confidence to pursue his ex-wife (and soulmate), Abby. Naturally, we couldn't help but to feel something as Tom spoke about Abby throughout the episode.

Jackson’s episode was filmed last summer, and the eight episodes premiered on Netflix on February 7.

About two weeks after the show’s premiere, Tom tweeted that he and Abby were no longer together. “She will always be the love of my life,” he wrote in a tweet on February 27.

In a later tweet, Jackson clarified that they had actually split back in September. 

Naturally, fans were DEVASTATED the news that our favorite couple had split. In fact, Buzzfeed wrote the next day: “Love is dead, RIP love.”

Last week, Tom said that the couple reunited, and now we have even better news!

Yes, Tom announced the couple's engagement on Twitter last night (March 12): 

By the way, we TOTALLY liked Tom's idea that the "Fab Five" should serve as his groomsmen.

Sign us up to watch that Netflix wedding special, Tom!