Lyric Video: Taylor Swift Releases 'Gorgeous' & It's a Love Letter to Her Boyfriend, Joe Alywn

October 20, 2017

USA Today

Taylor Swift’s latest single, which is titled “Gorgeous,” from her upcoming Reputation album dropped at midnight, and it's safe to assume that it's a love letter to her boyfriend, Joe Alywn

Here's the lyric video:

“You’re so gorgeous/ I can’t say anything to your face/ ‘Cause look at your face/ And I’m so furious/ At you for making me feel this way/ But what can I say?/ You’re gorgeous,” Swift sings in the song's chorus. 

The 27-year-old pop super star talks about being love struck outside of a club by a new guy, but her “older” boyfriend is inside the club. We're pretty sure she's referring to her most recent ex, Tom Hiddleston. He's nine years older than Swift. 

“There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have / You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad / You make me so happy it turns back to sad, yeah.”

In fact, she talks about how she can’t have the new guy in the moment so instead she’ll stumble home to her cats… alone.

So, yes, we are CONFIDENT that this song is a love letter to british actor, Joe Alywn. The pair have been dating for a while now, but they have remained largely out of the spotlight for the length of their relationship.

Well, Joe, you’ve made it. Taylor has officially written a song about you! Now let’s just hope she doesn’t follow up with a scathing breakup track.  

"Gorgeous" is the third track that she has released from Reputation, which is due out on November 10.  "Look at What You Made Me Do" and "...ready for it?" dropped earlier this year.