MTV's 'Total Request Live' (TRL) Returns Today With Big Changes

It's Not the TRL You Watched in 1999

October 2, 2017

© Mohamed Ahmed Soliman | Dreamstime

MTV is rebooting their iconic program Total Request Live (aka: TRL) today, but the program will have a different look than the show that millennials will remember.

The biggest change we found? There won’t be a video countdown. If you recall, the show originally was centered around a “video countdown” of the top music videos in the country. It was voted on by fans and viewers at home.

Can you remember the days of waiting to see who would take home the title of having the number one video: would it be the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC’s latest single?

Of course, you could not use your smartphone to cast your vote. You had to cast your TRL vote by dialing a 1-800-number OR use your dialup internet:

Of course, now you can just play your favorite music videos ON your phone.

By the way, nostalgia feelings won’t stop there. Carson Daly won’t be the host of the show. Daly pretty busy these days. He is the host of NBC’s The Voice, plus he regularly appears on The Today Show.

So, as part of the show’s facelift for 2017, there will be a rotating cast of hosts. The hosts that MTV has hired social media stars to be the “TRL squad.” The “TRL squad” will feature hosts including: DC Young FlyErik Zacharythe Dolan TwinsAmy PhamLawrence Jackson, and more.

The 2017 reboot of TRL kicks off today with Migos and Ed Sheeran as guests. The show will broadcast each weekday at 3:30 pm ET from MTV’s newly expanded studio in Times Square (New York).