No, Queen Elizabeth Is Not Transferring Power to Prince William

A "Viral" Story Making the Rounds Today Online Is Totally False

August 10, 2017

© Lorna Roberts | Dreamstime

There's a story making the rounds on the web today about a bombshell announcement from the Royal Family. In fact, your friends may have already shared it today. Well, the story, which alleges that Queen Elizabeth II has stepped down, is simply not true. 

We're not sure how the misinformation started going around on the web, but the story suggests that the Queen was actually going to break the line of succession.

Yes, the version of the story that we saw alleged that Queen was skipping over Prince Charles for the crown. They said she was planning on passing the crown to Prince William instead.

That, of course, is incredibly shocking. It is, however, completely false. William and Kate won't be moving into Buckingham Palace any time soon. 

The Royal Family has not announced any changes. In fact, they haven't issued any official statements this month.

The only recent change for Britain's most famous family is that His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh will no longer be carrying out any public engagements.