No, Taylor Swift Is NOT Actually Being Transported In a Suitcase

But this rumor is too good to not imagine it happening

July 18, 2017

USA Today

If there has been a story this year that we hoped was true, this one would be it. Unfortunately, it's too ridiculous to be true. But we have to share it with you anyway: 

There is a rumor that Taylor Swift was being transported in and out of her New York City apartment in... a suitcase. Yes, a suitcase. You know, one of these: 


How does such a rumor start? Splash News (they're one of those photography services that snaps pictures of celebrities on the street) posted a candid photo of men carrying a large suitcase out of Taylor's New York City apartment. 

The photo's caption suggested that Taylor was inside the suitcase:

The listing, of course, has a ton of typos in it. They didn't even spell the neighborhood correctly. Taylor's New York apartment in is in Tribeca not "Tribecca."  Plus, Splash News says the photographer who took the photo was a "new hire." 


So next time you see a large suitcase, it's safe to assume that Taylor Swift is NOT inside of it.