OMG! Jesse McCartney is Back With New Music

March 26, 2018

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Jesse McCartney is back! The 30-year-old pop star just released a song titled,  "Better with You," which is his first single since 2014. 

The release included a release of an adorable music video as well. Actress Danielle Campbell appears in the music video as his muse.

"Better With You" is the lead single from McCartney's upcoming album. 

McCartney told Paper Magazine that the song has a "hopeful, uplifting message that was written during a turbulent time socially and politically."

"The world felt like it was unraveling. I think it was a song that I thought everyone would want to hear and frankly I wanted to hear. So I wrote it," McCartney told the publication. 

McCartney rose to fame on the soap opera All My Children where he starred as JR Chandler from 1998 through 2001. His most popular single to date is "Beautiful Soul," which became a top 20 hit for the star back in 2004. McCartney has been touring a lot of college campuses recently, and told Paper that it's great to meet fans who grew up on his music. 

"When you're onstage and you play a song from as far back as 2005, the energy in that room is hard to explain, you just have to be there. It's a rush of excitement for them because it is sort of nostalgic. And then playing the new songs has been really rewarding," he shared with Paper

If this week's release is any indication of what's to come from Jesse, we can't wait for a full album!