POLL: Candy Corn - Love It or Hate It?

October 19, 2017


It's one of the most heated debates every October. No, we're not talking about politics. We're not even talking about the MLB playoffs. We're talking about... candy corn.

You know.. the treat that is made from sugar, corn syrup, wax, artificial coloring and binders. Many find it to be a delicious treat. Others absolutely despise the taste.

So we wanted to do our own poll. Vote here:

Those who are "Team Candy Corn" must really like the stuff. After all, 20 million pounds of the sugary "treat" are sold each year. That is more than 9,000 metric tons!

Yet, one's love for candy corn can be a divsive topic. It seems like every time we bring it up in the office we find a new fued with our (usually friendly) colleagues.

So, yes, we'll be watching the poll closely to end this debate once and for all.

Who knows... we may even tackle that great debate about cilantro or black olives in a future poll.