POLL: How Old Is Too Old To Trick-or-Treat?

October 4, 2017


It's officially Halloween season. Parents, your kids are probably already talking about their costumes, right? If they're too young for that then it's likely that YOU'RE talking about their costumes already, right? 

The holiday is great as your kids are younger, but as they get older, when should they stop trick or treating? 

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It is, of course, a rite of passage for kids to be able to knock on doors across the neighborhood for candy, but as they hit their teenage years, there should be a cutoff, right? 

Nobody likes it when a ticker or treater shows up at their door with a beard they were able to fully grow themselves instead of wearing a fake beard to complete their costume. It’s not CRAZY to be annoyed when an 18-year-old knocks on your door this Halloween, right? Or should we let kids of all ages celebrate?

In fact, a Canadian town just instituted a ban on trick or treaters over the age of 16, and it created quite a bit of controversy in the town.

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