Posh Spice Says There Won't Be a Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Rumors were swirling after a report last week said the girls would hit the road this summer

February 12, 2018

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We were skeptical last week when we heard the rumors, but we had to hold on hope for a Spice Girls reunion tour.

At the time, TMZ was reporting that the Spice Girls would be heading on a reunion tour later this year. Well, Victoria "Posh" Spice" Beckham just shot those rumors down. There are no plans for a Spice Girls reunion tour. 

Last week's report said that girl's reunion tour would kick off in the UK this summer, and the report alleged the tour would come to the US. 

Beckham told Vogue that she (and the girls) are not going on tour. 

Of course, there's still good news. The photos showing that the girls had gotten together for a lunch (with their former manager, Simon Fuller) likely means that SOMETHING is in the works.

Love u all so much!!! X Such a great day!! Thank u Simon! X VB

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“There’s something so strong in the message of what the Spice Girls stood for," Beckham told Vogue in an interview about her fashion line. "What is that in the future? What does that look like? We were just bouncing ideas around. Brainstorming.” 

So we do think that we'll see SOMETHING from the Spice Girls soon.