Sarahah, The Most Popular App Right Now, Is Incredibly Dangerous For Your Kids & Teens

August 14, 2017


It's about to become one of the most downloaded apps ever. However, it's so important that parents are aware of what is happening on the new anonymous rating app called Sarahah. In fact, it's probably on your teenager's phone right now, and experts say you need to pay attention to these warnings. 

Sarahah translates to "candor" or "openness" in Arabic. The app, which was created by a Saudi developer who was worried about workplace discrimination, allows users to give "honest and anonymous feedback." It has exploded in popularity because it can be hooked up to your Snapchat account.

The original intention of the app may have been to receive constructive feedback, but as you can imagine many users don't have great intentions. 

Kids, teens, and even adults are now using the app to rate each other and provide feedback on everything from physical appearances to their latest social media posts. All comments that are shared on the app are anonymous. You cannot reply to any of the messages that you receive on the insanely popular app. Unfortunately, the app has been linked to several harrassment online already

Other apps like this have existed (Yik Yak and Secret), but experts say that Sarahah's integration with Snapchat and Instagram is particularly concerning. It has made the accessibility of the application much easier for all users. 

Parents should always monitor and have full access to their child's social media accounts, according to psychologists and technology experts. All parents should have open (and honest) conversations about online safety and cyber bullying.

In this particular case, however, many child physiologists are actually advising that you don't let your child create a Sarahah account in the first place. Feedback apps like Sarahah in the past have been tied to cases of cyber bullying and even teen suicide. 

Worried about cyberbullying? Here's a list of resources all parents should check out: