'Saved By the Bell'... The Musical... Starring 'Justin Bieber?'

May 30, 2017


So there are two headlines from a new TMZ report.

The first headline? Well, apparently a Saved by the Bell musical could be in the works. Yes, a musical based on the late 80's/early 90's TV show about Zack, Kelly, A.C. Slater, and the gang could hit the stage soon.

The TV show's producer, Peter Engel, told TMZ that he may be able to call famed producer Lin-Manuel Miranda for help. Miranda is apparently a huge fan of the hit show. 

The other headline from the TMZ interview?  Engel tells TMZ that he is looking for a "Justin Bieber-type" to play the role of Zack Morris. He joked that he would be looking for more of a "2012 Bieber" vs. "2017 Bieber." So that probably means Bieber before ALL of those tattoos. In fact, Bieber today (at the age of 23) is probably "too old," Engel told TMZ.  

It's not clear how close to the musical is to becoming a reality at this point, but this video totally summarizes how we feel about the idea: