Scientist: "Man Flu" Is Real! Illness Hits Men Harder

Hey, ladies! It's been confirmed by a scientist!

December 12, 2017


Fellas, there is now SCIENCE to prove to your wife that you are NOT over-reacting the next time that you come down with a cold.

Our wives and girlfriends always seem to be accusing us of overreacting when we get sick, right? They always say that we're reacting like a child, so they call it the "man flu." Well, new research out of Canada suggests that the "man flu" is a real thing:

Dr. Kyle Sue, a Canadian researcher, has found that men are more susceptible to complications from respiratory diseases. In fact, he believes a man's immune is weaker than that of a woman's immune system (possibly due to the effects of testosterone). His research also says that it could take a man twice as long as a woman to recover from a viral illness. 

Author's note: This article was written by man who has definitely come down with the "man flu" this year. 
So in full disclosure:

Dr. Sue's findings were published in a medical journal on Monday, but unfortunately, not all members of the medical community are on board with this data just yet.

It's a pretty small sample, and even Dr. Sue agrees that more research has to be done. He told The Guardian that there needs to be more research on the topic before it can be said conclusively that "man flu" is real.