Steve Aoki Says He Is Working on New Music With K-Pop's BTS

Aoki & BTS already released a remix of "Mic Drop" together

January 26, 2018

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Hot off the heels of their successful "Mix Drop" remix, BTS and Steve Aoki are already working on new music together. 

The mastermind behind the hit collaboration or "Mic Drop" is at it again apparently. Steve Aoki revealed to our sister station in Los Angeles that that his partnership with BTS is far from over. 

How did the collaboration even come together in the first place? Aoki revealed that he met up with BTS' production team when he was in tour in South Korea. 

After a series of initial meetings, he tried to nail it down as quickly as possible. The two sides kept working back and forth, and that was it. The song, of course, became a smash hit. 

As for new music, Aoki says it's happening.

"We're already working on some new music together," Aoki said.

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