A 'Stranger Things' Video Game Is in the Works

Netflix has licensed series' rights to a video game developer.

June 15, 2018

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

From the Netflix screen to your video game screen, the Stranger Things phenomenon continues. 

It was announced this week at the E3 expo (a video game expo) in Los Angeles, that a game developer has reached a licensing deal with the streaming giant to develop a video game based on Stranger Things.

Telltale Games is working on the game, but we don't know too much about it at this point. The working title for the game is reportedly Stranger. Telltale Games says they will be announcing more details (like which consoles the game will be released for) at a later date.

So while we're waiting for more info, are we the only ones hoping that the whole game centers on Barb? #JusticeForBarb, right? 

We'll let you know when we hear more about the project.