Stuntwoman Dies on the Set of 'Deadpool 2'

August 15, 2017


A stuntwoman has died on the set of Deadpool 2. Authorities say that Joi "SJ" Harris was performing a stunt on a motorcycle when the tragic accident occurred on the movie's set in Vancouver, B.C.

The details about the accident haven't been made public. However, according to Deadline, Harris lost control of the motorcycle and crashed through a plate glass window. The stunt had been rehearsed several times in the days leading up to Monday's accident. Witnesses say the motorcycle appeared to accelerate instead of slowing down during the stunt. 

Harris, who was performing as the stunt double for Domino (a character portrayed by Zazie Beetz), was not wearing a helmet. It sounds like that was because the character of Domino was not wearing a helmet for the scene. 

Harris had a career as a professional motorcycle racer. She was the first African-American female professional road racer. Deadpool 2 marked her first film working as a stunt performer.

Deadpool 2 is the followup to the 2016 film starring Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds shared a statement late Monday saying he (and the film's crew) were devastated by the accident. "We're heartbroken, shocked and devastated... but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment," the 40-year-old actor wrote. 

Production of the film has been temporarily halted. It is not clear when filming will resume.