Supermarket Sweep Is Apparently Coming Back to Television

October 13, 2017

© Piman Khrutmuang | Dreamstime

Get ready to shop 'til you drop! Supermarket Sweep IS coming back to TV.

The show, which originally aired on ABC in the 1960s, featured shoppers in REAL grocery stores participating in the game show. You know.. answering questions about shopping, and racing down the aisles to fill their carts with as many giant hams and packages of paper towels as they possibly could fit in a cart.

This isn't the program's first revival by a longshot. It was revived by Lifetime for five seasons in 1990, and again by PAX TV (now ION) in 2000 for three seasons. 

The show will be produced by Freemantle Media (they also produce American Idol). Freemantle hasn't locked in a network or distribution platform for the program just yet, but producers say it will have a "modern" feel to it. They say the new show will use a ton of modern technology. It's being pitched to networks right now. 

So maybe next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear the beep, you CAN think about all of the fun you'd have on Supermarket Sweep!