Talks Are Heating up for a 'Mad About You' Revival

Yes, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser Could Return

December 27, 2017

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The hit 90’s sitcom, Mad About You, may be the latest sitcom to see a revival. Sony Television Pictures is having conversations about reviving the show, which originally aired on NBC from September 1992 through May 1999, TVLine's Michael Ausiello is reporting.

Sony has spoken with stars Paul Resier and Helen Hunt about the possibility of bringing the hit show back for a limited run.

Earlier this fall Resier told PEOPLE that he’d be “open” to the idea of a revival if they could “find a story to tell."

Well, apparently, the revived series' plot would center on Paul and Jamie becoming "empty nesters," as Mable (their 17-year-old daughter), heads off to college, according to the TVLine report.

The show would join a long list of ‘90s series that have been revived recently. NBC’s revival of Will & Grace has been met with much fanfare in recent months, and Roseanne will return to ABC for a revival this March.

If you’ll recall, by the way, the show’s original finale actually flashed forward quite a bit to show where everyone had wound up. 

That finale could very well mean nothing. After all, we've definitely learned that there is no such thing as a TV finale these days. If Roseanne can say that Dan Conner is now alive and Will & Grace can ignore their fight (and children) in the series finale, then why can’t Mad About You consider ignoring that flash forward?

Would Mad About You return to NBC? TVLine has details on that part of the project here