Taylor Swift to Release a New Song on ABC TV Tonight

The Singer Will Debut "New Year's Day" During Tonight's Episode of 'Scandal'

November 9, 2017


We're just HOURS away from the release of Taylor Swift's new Reputation album, but we won't have to wait until midnight to hear ANOTHER brand new song from the album. 

Swift will premiere a brand new song during ABC’s Thursday night (TGIT) programming tonight. We've learned "New Years Day" will make it's worldwide debut tonight doing Scandal. Scandal airs at 9pm ET on ABC. It's not clear at exactly what time during the show the song will debut.

ABC released a 15-second clip showing Swift at a piano surrounded by fans. We believe it was recorded during one of her "secret sessions," which took place at her Rhode Island home this year:

Tonight's performance will actually mark Taylor's first first televised for the Reputation album.

An extended version of that performance is expected to air tomorrow (November 10) on the Freeform Channel at 9 pm ET during a broadcast of The Duff

If you can't get enough of Taylor, we don't blame you. She is also scheduled to appear as the musical guest on NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend (November 11). 

​Taylor, by the way, has ANOTHER reason to celebrate. She won the Country Music Assocation (CMA) Award for Song of the Year last night. Swift wrote Little Big Town's smash hit song "Better Man," which took home the honor. Swift acknowledged the win by sharing this reaction video on Twitter last night:

It marks Taylor's 12th CMA Award.​