#TBT: 'Where Have All The Cowboys Gone' Turns 20

Paula Cole Talks About The Hit Song

July 6, 2017


It's been 20 years, and we're still wondering: "where all the cowboys have gone?" 

Yes, Paula Cole's "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" was one of the biggest summer songs in 1997.

Cole acknowledged the anniversary of the hit song with Billboard.com this week. She tells Billboard that there weren't enough songs with humor for women that were "written by women" so she wanted to try that. 

She said it was cool to walk down the streets and hear the song playing on somebody's Walkman. Yes, she said Walkman. Oh, 1997. 

Of course, 1997 was a huge year for Cole. She released another smash hit with "I Don't Wanna Wait" later that year.

Cole told Billboard that she missed having a meaningful conversation during the promotional period for both songs. It felt a little "factory-like" to be on tour answering the same questions, she says.

She told Billboard.com more about the experience of having two massive back-to-back hits, and talks about what she's up to nowadays.