Texas Movie Theater to Show Stephen King's 'IT' to a Theater Filled With Clowns

August 25, 2017

© Trueffelpix | Dreamstime

Here's the ultimate proof that nightmares can come true: 

An Austin, TX movie theater will be showing the film based on Stephen King's It to a theater full of clowns next month. 

The Alamo Drafthouse has announced a special clowns-only presentation of the IT movie on September 9. In fact, there has been such a high demand for the "clown-only screening," that they've added two additional screenings for clowns.

Yes, there will be three showings for people in clown costumes in one day at the same venue. 

This isn't the first time that the Drafthouse has shown a film to a select audience. Back in May they hosted screenings of Wonder Woman for females only.

Well, apparently that showing inspired the plans for IT.  The NY Post reports that a fan commented on their Facebook announcement about Wonder Woman to ask if they'd show IT to a theater filled with clowns. The theater responded back in May to say they might actually have to steal that idea.Well, it sure sounds like they ran with the idea!

IT opens in theaters nationwide on September 8.

Of course, you may want to stay home if you're afraid of clowns.