TIPS: Using Your Smartphone To Take Photos of Monday's Eclipse

August 17, 2017

© Kdshutterman | Dreamstime

Monday's total solar eclipse marks North America's first eclipse since the advent of cell phones. So there have been a lot of questions around how we'll be able to use these devices during Monday's event. Can you use your cell phone during the eclipse?

NASA says that you CAN take pictures of Monday's eclipse with your smartphone. They stress, however, that you'll want to be careful that you're protecting your eyes. So, yes, make sure that your eyes protected BEFORE you take that photo for Instagram.

When it comes to taking photos during actual event, you don't want to point your camera at the un-eclipsed sun without a filter over the lense. It is not too late to order the right filter

When the eclipse reaches a point of totality, you wouldn't need to use the filter. NASA has additional tips for taking photos of the eclipse here.

By the way, in case you were wondering: will cell phones even have service during the eclipse? The answer is yes and no. The actual event should not have an effect on your mobile device. However, experts warn that the cell phone networks could become jammed when everyone is posting those #EclipseSelfies on Instagram and Facebook.