'Titanic' Is Back in Theaters This Week!

December 4, 2017


Jack and Rose are FINALLY reunited once again on the big screen. Titanic is CURRENTLY back in movie theaters across the country to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary. You'll have to hurry because it is only there this week. 

The showings are taking place at AMC theaters across the country this week. The movie has certainly been updated for 2017. The movie's Twitter account shared a trailer with an introduction from the film's director, James Cameron:

The current theatrical release is in Dolby Cinema, which Cameron says "is like seeing it for the first time." 

"This is beyond 3D, beyond 70mm, it’s beyond anything you’ve seen before," Cameron said in a statement. 

AMC has showtimes and ticket availability listed on their website for screenings of the 3 hour, 14 minute movie. Yeah, remember how long the movie is?